Alicia Invented Shapewear

Alicia invented Shapewear for real women.

Alicia invented Shaperwear for real women.

Alicia’s Story

Let me tell you about myself, so you understand why I designed my shapewear garment for real women.

I have been in the fashion and image business for over 35 years, from owning five high-end boutiques in the Midlands to one of the first to sell Moschino in the UK. I was doing the whole catwalk scene from Paris, New York, London, and Milan. Running a successful image consultancy business, plus training image consultants. I have helped hundreds of women look and feel fabulous, to now launching a shapewear brand.

And believe me, looking and feeling fabulous doesn’t just happen, not for anyone.

You might ask why shapewear?


I truly believe and have seen time and time again, that style confidence starts with your foundation garment.


Without proper foundations, there can be no fashion.

— Christian Dior

So, with all my experience using other companies’ shapewear and the psychology behind what we wear and how we feel, I was determined to take shapewear to the next level. I asked myself, ‘Why can’t we have comfort and support to create firmer-looking skin, help with our posture, and have a style to make us feel good?’


Over the decades, many women have squeezed themselves into sausage-like shapewear contraptions. I’ve heard countless stories about wearing uncomfortable shapewear, and I’ve not found anyone who enjoyed wearing it! None of it made them feel stylish or good about themselves. Most people told me they couldn’t wait to rip it off and often didn’t even last a day before the item was shoved in their bags!

Until they try mine, the response has been incredible.

It took years of research and development, using all my experience working with women and listening to what they wanted from shapewear. Finally, my shapewear camisole was born. Because it is so different from other shapewear garments out there, with all the detail and thought I put into it, I secured a patent for the unique design of this garment. Other shapewear garments will be added soon, but one thing you can be sure of is that they will all be designed with real women you in mind.


I want to help women make the most of their best assets and gain confidence by feeling good. That’s why I have invented this fabulous garment, which will smooth away the areas you are less keen on, hold and support your body, and make you look stylish from the minute you put it on. No matter what stage of life we are in, our clothes play a big part in how we feel. 

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