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The Camisole

Alicia Kite Women's Shape Wear

Designed with love and care to flatter your arms. (Let’s face it what woman likes this part of her body, especially when flesh spills out the sides? So many of us have it but we don’t need to show it.)

Silky fabric

The camisole fabric comes from Italy, and I only wanted the best when designing this garment for you.

Pretty Lace

With a pretty lace detail that you can show as a feature under a garment or as a fabulous top on its own; you style your camisole to suit you.

The camisole fabric comes from Italy, it not only feels beautiful but has stretch, so it is comfy and stylish. I only wanted the best when designing the garment for you.

The Body

Alicia Kite Women's Shape Wear
Bust Lines

The body gives you incredible support so you can wear with or without a bra. This also depends on the look you want, a softer natural appearance or a more ‘up and at them’ look. Even the style of your bra will change the appearance.

Tummy Area

Supporting your tummy and lower back, my design makes your skin feel firmer and slimmer and helps with your posture too.

Lower Tummy

This area is often forgotten by designers yet becomes much more apparent with age, weight gain or loss and after having children. By specifically supporting this area, your body shape will appear slimmer.

The body is made from soft, breathable fabric based on athletic wear, rather than the uncomfortable, hot constraint of other shapewear.

The Back

Alicia Kite Women's Shape Wear
Back Fat Be Gone!

A thoughtful design around the back area to hold in and support back fat.

Back Strap

Soft adjustable straps for extra comfort so you can position the front of the camisole to suit you.

The Bottom

The bottom area is designed to lift and support our behinds, we certainly don’t want flat bottoms when adding compression!

The silkiness of the camisole fabric helps other garments slip softly over the top to add smoothness to your body shape.

The Tech

Alicia Kite-3038 Alicia Kite Women's Shape Wear
Hook & Eyes

To cater for different body lengths, you have three different positions giving you more comfort and security.


Good size soft cotton gusset for extra comfort.

The fabric stretches to allow movement around your body. And of course, it’s machine washable at 30 degrees.

"I want to help women look and feel amazing. Making the most of our figure and giving a smoother curve. To help gain confidence and enjoy our clothes no matter what stage of life we are at."
Love from Alicia x
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